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Preparing students to make meaningful contributions to society as engaged citizens and leaders in a complex world

Forum for Industry Interaction

Founded in 1978, Forum for Industry Interaction (FII) is an ISO 9001:2008 certified student consulting body of IIM Ahmedabad that provides students with a platform to apply their theoretical knowledge to real-world business problems while still in B-school. FI


We focus on generating awareness about careers in finance and networking extensively within the financial services industry.


Annual Management Symposium of IIM Ahmedabad The Red Brick Summit (TRBS) attempts to bring together the best minds from across the management spectrum to one platform with participation from high echelons of business, society, and academia. Continuing the phil

Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital Club

We aim to foster and promote entrepreneurship, venture capital in the IIMA community and work closely with CIIE to empower students to achieve their entrepreneurial goals.


We aim to strengthen ties between Students and their Alumni network by facilitating formal and informal interactions and planning and promoting Inter-College Connectivity from various disciplines

Club 3.0

We are a group of passionate Web 3.0 enthusiasts assimilating knowledge of the next internet for IIMAWe are a group of passionate Web 3.0 enthusiasts assimilating knowledge of the next internet for IIMA

FABM Committee

FABM Committee is a student-run activities club at IIM Ahmedabad. The main purpose of the club is to support the outreach of the PGP-FABM Program of IIMA.


The Cultural Fest of IIM Ahmedabad


TEDxIIMAhmedabad aims to engage the IIMA community by providing them with a platform to voice their perspectives on a variety of topics ranging from but not limited to technology, social causes and innovation to policy-making. We work towards curating content


With the students of IIMA destined to be the next-gen leaders, WLS aims to spread the culture of gender equality, so that all of us can make workplaces and the world, in general, a better place to live.


We strive to create a symposium centred around collaboration and colloquy for the development of problem solving instinct and strategic HR acumen. PS: We help you frame your HRQs as well :P


We at Sportscomm take pride in connecting IIM A students to sports activities by organising amazing and thrilling sports tournaments. More importantly, we encourage each and everyone to take up a sport, be the part of this beautiful journey, and maybe also fin


Smile is a student mediated initiative aimed at helping kids from underprivileged backgrounds in doing well in education & assisting in their overall development. The primary aim of the club is to provide equal opportunity of availing quality education and


ShARE - IIMA Chapter is at the crossroad of education and consulting. It offers a leadership program to students to supplement their academic curriculum and offers corporates a new way to do consulting, and access top talent. The programme offers students the


Student Against Sexual Harassment - We strive to promote a bias free and gender neutral environment at WIMWI


IIMA RTE Resource Center is an initiative by the students of the Institute of Management, Ahmedabad focused on awareness and responsibility towards social change and policy, with a particular focus on education

Public Policy

We are a group of students from IIM Ahmedabad, who envision to create awareness about policy-related issues and contribute constructively in the policy formulation. We facilitate this learning through three primary activities 1. Speaker sessions from the veter


We strive to create career outcomes, learning outcomes, and connection outcomes to the next generation of product management leaders in IIMA’s student community


.Prayaas is a social initiative which help underprivileged kids in their education and overall development. We currently help 80+ kids from Class 1 to 12.

Prakriti- Nature & Sustainability Club

A club with an overarching goal to serve as a knowledge and mindset primer to the managers who will have to deal with sustainability, either as a competitive strategy or as a regulatory requirement in their jobs.


If you have a knack for art of observation, Perspectives is the place for you. Perspectives, the photography club of IIMA hosts several photoshoots, workshops, competitions, photo walks and tours for the IIMA community. So if you always had a camera but never


We strive to cultivate a culture of compassion and understanding toward our campus animals.


We envision to imbibe an inclusive and sustainable healthy environment at IIM-A and aid the community to live a fit and holistic life.


Through various opportunities, we introduce students to the world of Operations, a key competency desired by every mgmt student and every company, be it in the domain of service or manufacturing. It is our endeavor to connect students with the real world throu


We equip students to become marketers through competitions, speaker sessions, workshops, placement preparations and much more.

Mentorship Cell

We answer all your queries, conduct fun events and endeavor to ensure that you have the 2 best years of your life, at IIMA!

Mess Comm

We are responsible to satisfy your cravings by providing different snacking options on campus so that you can enjoy your life at IIMA to the fullest.

Media Cell

The Media Cell is the official communication channel between students of IIM Ahmedabad and the external media.


Started as the "Movies All Day" club, MAD was rechristened in 2018 as the Movies and Design Club to serve up the institute's best videography and graphic design content. The club works through six cells, namely, Scripting, Cinematography, Editing, Production,


Literary Symposium Desk is one of the landmark clubs of IIM-A. It boasts of three cells - Debating, Writing, and Quizzing. From competitions, book reviews, theme-based quizzes, JAMs, debates, and word-game sessions to the IIM-A Yearbook, the club drives it all


We are an eclectic bunch that write, direct & produce plays. We strive to promote a performing arts culture on campus! While IIMA can be super hectic, we always find time for creativity and for each other. So next time you hear loud voices echoing from the

IIM Ally

IIMAlly is the LGBTQ+ Resource Group of IIM Ahmedabad, formed by students, alumni, and faculty members. Our objective is to increase awareness and sensitivity towards LGBTQ+ issues in and around campus, as well as, among the larger community of students and fu


IDEOS, the Social Innovation SIG of IIM Ahmedabad, collaborates with social innovators/entrepreneurs to bring them on board and help them scale their ventures through financial and strategic support. Apart from this, IDEOS organizes workshops, events and proje

Virasat- Heritage Club

Virasat, The Heritage Club of IIMA was founded to promote the rich heritage and culture of IIMA and India by exploring the sites and sounds of the city and nearby areas

GMLC The General Management & Leadership Club

The General Management & Leadership Club of IIMA (GMLC) is a student-run club that pioneers in facilitating career exploration and networking opportunities in General Management. GMLC ensures continuous dissemination of knowledge by employing a mix of case


A bunch of highly enthusiastic students looking to reinvigorate the cult of the IIMA by strengthening the Faculty-Student bond!


Footloose was officially established in 2009. Since then, it has played an active role in creation of dance culture at IIM-A which is not limited to students but is open to entire IIM-A community.


A 16-members team of art and craft enthusiasts with an aim of garnering interest for fine arts among the IIMA community.


FinX is a student driven initiative with 50+ members coming from diverse Finance and Non finance background. It aims to boost interest towards finance related career opportunities. It caters to a wide variety of finance related interests, particularly Corporat

Exchange Council

We at Exchange Council facilitate both Incoming & Outgoing Exchange programs at IIM Ahmedabad. We strive to bring new International partnerships and be the face of IIM A to the International community


A group of Economics enthusiasts focussing on the application of Economics in management!


ConsultX is a student club that aims to support the aspirations of the cohort who wants to get into different sectors of consulting including Strategy, Management, Technology, and Impact. The primary activities that this club conducts are - workshops on Consul

The Equal Opportunities Students Committee (EOSC)

The Equal Opportunities Students Committee (EOSC) works for the betterment of specially-abled students. Under the guidance of the administration, EOSC is empowered to discuss and act on issues that students face at this institution, with the aim to provide equ


We are the soft skills club of IIMA. We strive to make budding leaders great communicators, not just good speakers!


Everything music at IIM Ahmedabad

FAB Club

Bringing together alumni, industry visionaries and future leaders together we accelerate the sector's growth and careers

Consult Club

We equip students to be consultants through international competitions, workshops, globally-read publications and much more.


Club to facilitate tech knowledge within PGPx batch and support placements and interviews.

Soul Curry

Soul Curry is a student club that aims to indulge members into philosophical discussions and discourses. The otherwise geeky members put forth their profound views and thoughts on all things that life entails and even beyond. Shutting off of screens for a whil

Sale & Marketing

The Sales and Marketing Club of IIMA PGPX aims to provide a platform for students to stay in touch with latest industry trends through collaborative learning.

Healthcare HawX

Healthcare Hawx focuses on exposing its members to various facets of the healthcare industry such as pharma, Health policy, Digital Health etc.


EnergyX is a club run by MBA-PGPX students at IIM Ahmedabad. The group comprises energy professionals and enthusiasts from different energy domains such as Oil and Gas - Refining and Exploration, Nuclear Energy, Mining, Renewables, Biofuels, Petrochemicals,

eCommerce Club

E-Commerce Club is a student club at IIM Ahmedabad that aims to support the students who want to get into E-Commerce and Consumer-Tech companies at various roles such as Marketing, General Management, Product, Operations and Growth. The primary activities cond


The Academic Council assists students at IIMA navigate their rigourous academic journey and acts as a liaison between students, administration, and faculty

Abacus, "the club that counts", is the quants club.

Analytics and AI-Foster a culture of Data-Driven problem solving through puzzles and competitions pan India & promote Industry Interactions


What started as just a stargazing SIG a few years ago has evolved into much more. Stargazers is now a platform for all space enthusiasts who are curious about their existence among the cosmos. It is a hub for discussions on space science, technology & expl

Agile - Computer & Connectivity Club (CCC)

Agile- Computer & Connectivity Club (CCC) takes pride in connecting and empowering people at IIMA through technology. The student-run club manages IT infrastructure on campus, builds applications & websites, and debriefs innovations in the tech space.